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    The men and women of the Washoe County Sheriff Deputies Association, working together with local and state leaders to protect the rights and safety of peace officers throughout Washoe County and the State of Nevada.

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    The WCSDA members have a long history of participating in educational, social, and service activities throughout Washoe County and the State of Nevada.

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    The Washoe County Sheriff Deputies Association works with the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, local and state governments, and our citizens in the pursuit of criminal justice while protecting the rights of its members.

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Washoe County Courthouse

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Sheriff Allen commends court Deputies for defusing a potentially life-threatening kidnap attempt at the Mills B. Lane Courthouse

The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office released a court security photo today showing Deputies and security staff assigned to the Mills B. Lane Justice Center in downtown Reno safely defusing a potentially life-threatening kidnap attempt that occurred within the lobby of the courthouse last Friday afternoon.

Sheriff Chuck Allen commended the actions of the Deputies who were faced with a highly volatile situation in a busy public setting.

“These situations can be very difficult for law enforcement to resolve without the use of lethal force,” Sheriff Allen said. “In

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Panel reviews bill to alter pension fund, tackle liability

Randy Kirner


Panel reviews bill to alter pension fund,

tackle liability



A Republican-backed bill that would significantly change the Nevada Public Employees' Retirement System got a closer review Wednesday from a legislative money committee, as rooms nearly full of opponents looked on.

The Assembly Ways and Means Committee combed through the details of AB190, which aims to transition the public pension program into something more akin to a private 401(k) plan.

Bill sponsor Assemblyman Randy Kirner, R-Reno, said the measure addresses the system's $12.5 billion unfunded liability — the amount PERS has promised to employees beyond what the fund currently holds, and a number Kirner said has grown 547 percent in the past 15

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